We have Low Tension Air-cooled type Transformer Manufacturing Facility to serve our internal customers with the capability for design and manufacture with a product range of 1.5 Kva to 3.5 Kva Toroidal Transformer, along with various ferrite core based Common Mode chokes, Differential Mode Input Filter chokes in various geometrics, Rod Core chokes and Drum Core Inductors, which are certified and approved by our internal customers. We support our customers with quick prototyping, enabling to test the products at the initial stage with shortest possible lead time before converting into fully fledged production.

We have a CNC Toroidal winding machine, a Hook Winder and suitable test equipment to ensure that the products comply with quality standards and requirements for product traceability.


  • Winding M/C –Jovil Universal – SMC-2E
  • LCR Test
  • High Voltage Insulation Test